"Boston Medical aims to build and maintain long term relationships

by providing professional healthcare solutions suited to every family's needs. "


We Serve From The Heart

Core Values


Professional, Committed, Sincere

Boston Medical aims to build and maintain long term relations by providing professional healthcare solutions suited to every family's needs


To be every family's first choice

for healthcare

Due to lifestyle challenges and hectic lifestyles, we understand and empathize with the pains of acquiring professional and affordable medical care.  


Boston Clinic was formed with the belief that economical and competent health care should be accessible by all members of the local community. Committed to our cause, Boston Medical has continued in its expansion into the many heartlands of Singapore with every clinic designed to be a reflection of our unwavering beliefs. 

At its core, Boston Medical is a general practice and medical service provider that provides a range of services such as; general consultation, minor surgeries, health screening, reports and more. 

Boston Medical also partners with different entities and activities to bring awareness to many medical causes including organising periodic health screenings for the community. Our participation is our way to give back to the community and to communicate the benefits of a healthy, well-balanced life. 

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Boston Medical @ Aljunied

Contact Us

19 Aljunied Avenue 2, #01-72, Singapore 380119

Monday - Friday         8.30 AM - 1 PM | 2 PM - 5.30 PM 
Saturday - Sunday     Closed 

Monday - Friday                         8.30 AM - 8.30 PM 
Saturday - Sunday                     8.30 AM - 1.00 PM

3A International Business Park #01-08 Singapore 609935

Boston Medical @ ICON @ International Business Park

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